Schedule your visit

We welcome you to schedule a visit with your group to hold prayer and worship meetings in our Sukka in Beit Hogla Agricultural farm in Ancient Gilgal.

In Gilgal, there is much to see and experience: The beautiful Beit Hogla Agricultural farm with its visiting center where you can learn about the history of the area, Master Shofar blower Robert Weinger’s Shofar workshop, where you can learn to blow the shofar and purchase your own handcrafted shofar, and the historic caves of Elijah are just a short walk away from the Sukka. You will get to experience the presence of the God of Israel in these ancient Biblical surroundings and worship Him in the tent just as the Israelites did over 2000 years ago on their long desert journey. Sukkat Yehoshua welcomes you & your group with open arms!

Sukkat Yehoshua is a pergola tent with a maximum capacity of 250 people. The tent has chairs, desert coolers, and a pulpit. Small restrooms (with running water) are close by.

The Sukka can be reserved for Prayer and Worship Watches for a maximum of 3 hours at a time, from Sunday to Friday. The allowed operating hours are from 4 AM to 11 PM. (The quiet hours are 11 PM – 4 AM; staying overnight in the Sukka is not permitted.) No food is allowed except your personal snacks and water.

Suggestion donation for the visit is a minimum $8 per person.


Fill in the form below to inquire about reserving Sukkat Yehoshua for your group worship meeting on your desired date.