Sukkat Yehoshua

The Place of Encounter

in Ancient Gilgal

Where Heaven
Meets Earth

“Take your sandal off of your foot, for the place where you are standing is holy.”

Joshua 5:15b

Welcome to
Ancient Gilgal

Reserve Sukkat Yeshoshua, Joshua’s Tent of Meeting for prayer and worship meetings.

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Ancient Gilgal

The Place of Encounter

Welcome to Sukkat YEHOSHUA – Joshua’s Tent of Meeting in Ancient Gilgal. We are located on the agricultural farm of Beit Hogla, the “House of the Dove”. Indeed, the Dove of the Ruach HaKodesh, The Shekina of the Holy Spirit, is familiar with these Biblical surroundings, the Ancient Portal of Gilgal.

Imagine waking up every morning under the Watchful Eyes of Moshe Rabeinu, Moses our Deliverer, who ascended to Heaven from Mt Nebo across the Yarden (the Jordan River), after surveying the beauty of the Land of Promise. Heaven met Earth, and Moshe finished his Divine assignment. 

Imagine walking next to Elijah and his servant Elisha visiting the School of the Prophets in these caves nearby. Elisha refused to leave his Master, the Prophet Elijah, while crossing the Jordan River, who was soon to be caught up by the Chariots of Fire that carried Yah’s Elijah to His Heavenly Reward.

Heaven truly met Earth that day, and Elisha obtained the double portion he so desired. We can hear him through the ages when he stroked the Jordan River with the Mantle/Talit of his departed Master, crying,

“Where is the Lord God of Elijah?”

Heaven met Earth that Historic day long ago when the Levites carrying the Ark of the Covenant stepped onto the Jordan River, thus ending 40 years of desert walking for all the Children of Israel. The waters of the Yarden opened up to let all the Israelite tribes cross over to the Promised Land on dry ground, just as it happened when the waters of the Red Sea were opened by the Almighty 40 years earlier as they were delivered from Egypt by the hand of Moses.

The first encounter of Yehoshua (now the Leader of Israel, Moses’ successor after the historic crossing), was with none other than the Angel of the Lord, the Captain of the Armies, who said, “Take the sandals off your feet, for the Land where you stand is Holy Ground.”

“Now it came to pass when Joshua was near Jericho that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, there was a man standing in front of him with his sword drawn in his hand. Joshua approached him and said to him: “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” “Neither,” he said. “Rather, I have now come as commander of Adonai’s army.” Then Joshua fell on his face to the ground and worshipped. Then he asked him, “What is my Lord saying to his servant?” Then the commander of Adonai’s army replied to Joshua, “Take your sandal off of your foot, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.” Joshua 5:13-15 TLV

Heaven met Earth that day too, establishing this land as The Holy Land for all generations to come.

Here the People of Israel celebrated their First Passover after 40 years in the desert. All the Joshua generation born in the wilderness were circumcised, rolling over the reproach of Egypt and slavery. Thus, the place was named GILGAL, the rollover.

Here they camped, and the Ark of the Covenant rested for 14 years. From Gilgal they launched into the Epic Battle of Jericho, led by Yehoshua Ben Nun, where the walls came tumbling down at the sound of the Levitical Shofars and loud shouts of praise to the God of Miracles, the God of Israel. And it is here also that the Prophet Samuel renewed the Kingdom under Saul.

Erna Kovos

Erna Kovos, nicknamed The Lady of Jericho,

has been the Gate Keeper of this Holy Site for 20 years, withstanding the scorching desert wind, relentless heat, and many enemies. She has made this desert bloom with palm, pomegranate, and olive trees – the native trees of this land. Her prophetic stand for the importance of this holy place has been both exciting and costly. She welcomes all those who want to support, pray, and praise the God of Elijah, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel.

Robert Weinger

Robert Weinger,

a Californian Jew and Master Shofar blower, who made Aliyah – fulfilling the Biblical mandate to return to the Land, has established his home and exciting shofar workshop in this holy place where Heaven meets Earth.

Erna Kovos

Dr. Dominiquae Bierman,

a Sephardic Jew who made an Aliyah to Israel from Chile at 11 years old, is an author of 20 books on the Jewish roots of faith, TV broadcaster, Psalmist, and the founder and president of the United Nations for Israel (UNIFY), an international body of believers.

Yehoshua’s Tent of Meeting under the beautiful Sukka in the Wedding Garden of Beit Hogla has been established by the United Nations for Israel. We have laid our lives on the Altar of the Most High to be as Ruth was to Naomi: uniting for the Restoration of Israel first, then standing in the gap to turn nations into Sheep Nations – one person at a time.

“‘In that day many nations will join themselves to Adonai and they will be My people and I will dwell among you.’ Then you will know that Adonai-Tzva’ot has sent me to you. Adonai will inherit Judah as His portion in the holy land and will once again choose Jerusalem. Be silent before Adonai, all flesh, for He has aroused Himself from His holy dwelling.””

Zechariah 2:15-17 TLV

We invite you to worship the Almighty in Ancient Gilgal, the Place of Encounter where Heaven meets earth.

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