UNIFY Retreat House

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a Prayer Retreat in Israel, in the beautiful desert of Judea? We have a place for you! Our UNIFY Retreat House is open for believers to reserve a stay right next to the Sukkat Yehoshua. This cozy lodge/cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 5 people.

UNIFY Guest House

Accomodation details:

  • 1 bedroom with 2 single beds
  • 1 family room with 3 single beds
  • 1 toilet with a shower
  • Fully Airconditioned
  • Washing machine, refrigerator, stove top, microwave, electric kettle, toaster, linens, towels, dishes, plastic table and chairs for dining, porch, and balcony with a view.
  • (Wifi not provided – use your phone wifi)

The suggested cost is a donation of:

  • $ 45 per day for one person
  • $ 70 per day for 2 people
  • $100 per day for 3 people
  • $ 20 per day for each additional person

Every visitor/group is required to hold at least one Prayer Watch of one hour per day to pray for Israel.


Fill in the form below to inquire about reserving UNIFY Retreat House for your prayer retreat.

Once your inquiry is accepted, we will send you information on how to send your payment/donation online. Your reservation is confirmed once we have received the payment. (Please Note: We do not issue any refunds.)

Please, read the agreement below before sending reservation inquiry.

UNIFY Retreat House Reservation Agreement

I commit to abide by the following rules during my stay at the UNIFY Retreat House in Beit Hogla, ancient Gilgal.

The guest is committed to the following:

  1. The purpose of this place is for prayer retreats and rest.
  2. Make sure to arrive at your check-in time (or later in the day) and leave the UNIFY Retreat House at your checkout time (no delays).
  3. Lock the door with the key from inside. Leave the key in the lock for privacy.
  4. Neither the Ministry nor the Farm or any of its members are responsible for your personal belongings. These are your sole responsibility.
  5. We forbid any evangelistic outreach (by the scheduled guests) to the local residents or any evangelistic activities (giving out any evangelistic tracks is NOT allowed) – this is not the purpose of the House. (If you are asked about the source of your hope, you can always answer humbly as 1 Peter 3:15 also instructs us)
  6. No smoking, pets, parties, or events are allowed.
  7. When sitting on the porch, (back or front) please be dressed modestly: no underwear, sleep wear, bathing suits, tank tops or shorts above the knee are acceptable.
  8. The undersigned commits to not clog the bathrooms by using too much toilet paper.
  9. Water is a precious commodity here; please use it sparingly.
  10. Do not leave any trash in the house after your stay. Take all trash bags to the trash containers at the end of the dirt road leading to the army base.
  11. Use electricity sparingly and turn off all lights and AC when not needed.
  12. Upon Checkout, the guest agrees to wash the linens & towels and place them in the zipped-up closets to prevent dust on them. The guest must leave the house swept, vacuum cleaned, including mattresses. Floors are to be washed with a damp cloth only.
  13. All dishes must be washed, dried and stored in the kitchen cabinets. The cupboards, kitchen, and bathroom must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for the next prayer team. Do not leave any perishable food in the fridge or cabinets.
  14. Leave the window flaps and all doors closed when you leave, except for the bathroom window and door that must be kept open.
  15. Turn off all lights and AC when you leave. Electricity is very expensive here.
  16. Leave the key where you found it upon arrival.
  17. The house and all its furnishings need to be treated with respect. If something breaks during your visit, please promptly report it to us by email to get instructions on how you can replace it. shalom@ancientgilgal.com
  18. The guest commits to holding at least one Prayer Watch – one hour per day – to pray for Israel during your stay inside the Sukka or the house
  19. Please respect your surroundings and the manager of the farm, Erna Kovos.

UNIFY Retreat House, United Nations for Israel, Erna Kovos & Beit Hogla are not responsible for any personal damage, liability, or property loss while visiting Beit Hogla or UNIFY Retreat House.

The guests come at their own risk and commit to not pursue legal action against the farm, its residents, the United Nations for Israel, or any of its members in case of any hazard.

If any part of the UNIFY Retreat House or its furnishings is harmed during the visit of the undersigned guest, the undersigned guest is responsible for covering the repair or replacement cost.

We pray that you will have a wonderful retreat, full of inspiration and will leave completely refreshed.

Then the commander of Adonai’s army replied to Joshua, “Take your sandal off of your foot, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so. Joshua 5:15 TLV